Meet the Farmers

We’re the Swartzfagers. The Footprints farmers. Like any great story, ours starts with love. Love for our Creator. Love for our family. Love for our purpose…

About nine years ago, we realized our purpose was to work this land God has given us and to use it to create healthy food, and as a result, healthy people.


100_0328Jeremy: I love to learn old farming techniques and wish in many ways I could have lived in the 1880’s.  All my life I have enjoyed studying nature and learning about how to restore health to creation; harnessing and managing the energy provided by the sun to grow healthy plants and animals all while caring for our soil for the next generations.


5614 181.jpgEllen: Hi there. I’m Ellen. The lady of the farm. My husband calls me the animal whisperer extraordinaire. That’s because I love animals. And they love me. One of my favorite parts of this whole thing is getting to see firsthand, every day, God’s handiwork come to life all around me. In the animals, in the food, in the land. I love Jesus, homesteading, working hard and making my hubby proud, seeing my kids work the farm with their daddy, volunteering with teens in our church, taking slow walks… The days are long and the work is hard, but I’d say I’m pretty blessed to be living the life of a farmer.  


Elsie: This is Elsie. Our oldest. And, currently, our best farmhand. Elsie loves helping with the chickens. She loves to chase them. And she is really good at catching them. She collects eggs every day with Mommy and Daddy. She is a pro at taking care of the baby chicks. And when we need to find duck eggs, Elsie is the girl for the job. When she’s not helping with the farm animals, Elsie likes to use her vivid imagination with fort building and going on adventures.



EllenFamSummer15_027Isaac: This is Isaac, our big boy. Even at his young age, his is already a gadget guy. He has a high affinity for power tools, just like his daddy. One of his favorite things to do is take shoulder rides (if you ever meet him, just be prepared to give him a free ride!). He loves to help cut and gather firewood. And he is the little man to ask for help with shoveling. 


EllenFamSummer15_129Hannah: This is Hannah, our fun and fearless baby girl. This girl truly isn’t afraid of a thing! She’s a big helper on the farm. She loves to catch chickens, carry firewood and pick vegetables from the garden. Her favorite? Harvest time for our lunch box peppers. Somehow, though, her bucket is always empty. And her mouth is always covered in pepper juice. 


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