The Animals


2014 final photos 546Pastured Poultry: Pastured broilers are the chickens that your grandma likely remembers eating.  Fed only ground whole grains, natural sourced minerals and free choice grass, these birds have freshness and flavor far superior to factory raised birds. Likewise, pasture turkey has that fresh flavor that you’ve been missing with the store bought variety.


20140808_194835Pastured Pork:  Pigs naturally root and forage among our woods and field pastures. This allows them to naturally balance their mineral intake as their bodies need. By eating dairy and grain supplements and produce leftovers, and enjoying plenty of daily exercise in pasture, our pork has a firm and flavorful texture. 


arkPastured Egg Layers:  You can see and taste the difference in each of our eggs from the free choice grass provided to our flock.  Bright yellow yolks and runny free egg whites are key signs to healthy chickens that actually see the light of day, as they forage for their supplemented diet.



Grass Fed Lamb:  Our lambs are raised on pasture their entire lives, grazing with their mother and father, nibbling away at fresh grass each day.  Our Khatadin flock has benefited from superior disease resistant genetics that allow us to raise the best tasting lambs – hormone, antibiotic and de-wormer free.



Grass Fed Goats (portable brush-hog): Goats are our natural brush-hogs on the farm. They keep the existing pastures clear of unwanted thorns and thistles, while redeveloping overgrown areas of the farm for future grazing potential. All this while providing the highest quality milk and meat.


Grass Fed Beef: Our cows 2-9-15 import phoots 117eat grass-based forage year round while grazing. This contributes to the cattle’s growth, and it produces beef that’s high in healthy fatty acids and low in unhealthy cholesterol.

team mower


Horses: Our three Percheron draft horses provide the majority of our traction power here on the farm.  Using antique and restored equipment allows them to perform plowing, disking, cultivating, mowing, raking, produce hauling, and sustainable logging.


Patch garding the family


Patch/Little Lady & Cats (AKA Security System): Our great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs keeps our family, flocks and herds protected from predators, while our barn cats keep feed and seed safe from mice and rodents.