Farmers Market Pittsburgh, PA | FootPrints Farm Pittsburgh

FootPrints Farm of Fayette County Pennsylvania – Farmers Market – Fresh Vegetables is a local, sustainably designed , family farm that grows premium quality meats, vegetables, and herbs by using natural and traditional farming systems. These systems incorporate animal grazing, horse-drawn power


Company Overview
Spring is working off our winter ways. We are enjoying the weather and the animals love to be out on pasture. Rotational grazing is a fun dance of moving the animals so they will eat in a concentrated area as well as leave their amazing fertilizer then they move on. The pigs are learning all the fun of the out doors. The lambs really do hop around the fields. The horses and cows are grazing m…See More
General Information

Crop Rotations

We employ the old traditional crop rotations C.O.R.N. on our main 6 acres of production. (Corn followed by Oats followed by Rye/ Pumpkins followed by 2-3 years of nitrogen fixing legumes or fallow periods.)

Fertilizing directly by animals

All of our animals place their droppings directly on the land and by doing so enrich the soil with a slow release, complete fertilizer system that builds the organic material in the soil and the health of our farming system.

Grass Based

Focusing on being a grass farmer and efficiently harvesting the sun’s energy is our main farm management goal. Grazing animals directly on pastures, eliminates much of the energy dependent (i.e. diesel fuel consumption) processes of a typical modern farm including cutting, harvesting, storing, feeding, and then spreading fertilizer.

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